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Environmental Pollution
Environmental Pollution


Anyone may be at risk! Some of us may have a diagnosed medical condition. Some of us may simply not feel well or may not function as we once used to. Some of us may feel healthy but may not be aware that tomorrow can be different, that we are exposed right now! Get informed today and act for a brighter tomorrow! Learn to discern the most updated and acute environmental problems and risks as they may appear to you in everyday life.
Common Environmental Pollution Issues

We live in a highly industrialized society. And we pay the price every day being exposed to toxins, and poisons of many kinds - all known under the common name of environmental pollutants. These pollutants are everywhere. The health risks that such contaminants pose vary depending on their concentration and individual characteristics. The way we are exposed to these contaminants also plays an important role. We are providing guidance on how to assess such risk, while below we synthesize the main environmental issues as they affect us in everyday life.

Environmental Pollution Caused Diseases and Illnesses

Some of us may have a diagnosed medical condition. Some of us may simply not feel well or may not function as we once used to. Some of us may feel healthy but may not be aware that tomorrow can be different, that we may walk on a verge of the abyss! Read today and act for a brighter tomorrow.

Evaluate if you are at risk of pollution exposure:

Soil Poisoning Health Effects

Polluted soil may enter in our bodies in several ways including via skin absorption, inhalation, and ingestion during physical activities in our own backyards. Polluted soil may also influence the quality of our vegetables and fruits as well as of our groundwater wells.

  • Did you know that your children may be at risk while playing in the backyard?
  • Did you know that soil pollutants may be re-distributed in the atmosphere via wind and can be spread around?
  • Did you know that your home grown vegetables may be contaminated even if you grew them organically?
  • Did you know that even a tiny exposure to soil poisoning could have serious health effects if repeated over a long time?
  • Did you know that diseases due to exposure to soil pollutants may start manifesting long time after the exposure actually occurred?
  • Did you know that pollutants may travel long distances via air and groundwater and may end up accumulating in soil far away from the actual release source?

Air Pollutants Risks

These are the most serious risks we are facing today because we do not have much choice! We can choose the water we drink or the food we eat, but we cannot choose the air we breathe!

  • Did you know that you and your family can be at risk while living in your home?
  • Did you know that air pollutants are usually not perceived by any of our senses and yet may still cause serious health diseases including cancer?
  • Have you heard of vapor intrusion as one of the most acute environmental problem today?
  • Did you know that pollutants from the ground (e.g., groundwater) may move upword in our homes in a gaseous form from tens of feet deep (what is known as "vapor intrusion")?
  • Did you know that pollutants from our car gasoline could affect us in our homes?
  • Did you know that about one out of every six schools are within a half-mile of a major industrial plant, in what is considered a highly risk area?
  • Did you know that one in three public schools is in an "air pollution danger zone"?

Water Pollutants & Prevention

All our surface and sub-surface water bodies are exposed to potentially large amounts of pollution from the air, from the ground and from waste discharges and runoffs. Huge water bodies may become contaminated and affect our health. Polluted water may affect us even if we do not drink it as it may be used to irrigate our crops.

  • Did you know that it takes as much as a drop of pollutant in a pool to contaminated our water at concentrations of health risk?
  • Did you know that most pollutants present in water at heath risk concentrations cannot be tested or smelled?
  • Did you know that large water bodies such as Colorado River are contaminated?
  • Did you know that polluted surface water bodies can act as continuous source of pollution for fish and wildlife?
  • Did you know that pollutants from water bodies may enter your body through consumption of fish from those waters?

Deadly Chemical Intoxication

Pollution health effects vary from mild to severe and could be sometimes fatal. Usually, home pollution (via polluted air, soil and/or groundwater) will not generate deadly intoxications, although cumulative exposure (to low dose of pollution) may end up generating serious diseases including cancer later in life. However, deadly chemical intoxication to a large dose of pollution causing immediate death has occurred all over the world.

  • Did you know that deadly chemical intoxication may occur in unpolluted areas simply due to consumption of polluted foods (from other areas)?
  • Did you know that the most problematic food is fish, as many pollutants may accumulate and concentrate in fish?
  • Did you know that children are much more at risk to develop serious health effects and deadly chemical intoxication?
  • Did you know that any confined space could pose deadly intoxication risks?