Iodine-123 Poisoning

Iodine (I) is a non-metallic trace element in the form of gray crystals or violet vapours. It consists of 36 radioactive isotopes, among which Iodine-123.Iodine-123 is highly used in medical imaging.

Chemical Properties

Iodine-123 is an artificial radioactive isotope produced in particle accelerators. It emits gamma radiation and has a half-life of only 13.22 hours.


Iodine-123 is used in computer tomographies, X-rays, and SPECT images that help diagnose thyroid disorders and other conditions.


Large doses of Iodine-123 maybe toxic to the thyroid gland and surrounding tissues. Iodine-123 may cause hypothyroidism and other thyroid disfunctions, including thyroid cancers.