Who We Are & What We Do

Environmental Pollution Centers is a website designed to raise awareness on the environmental issues and the ways in which they affect the everyday lives of people. We strive to be a source of information and we offer up-to-date solutions to the various pollution problems our users are facing. We also offer a regular news column that focuses exclusively on the latest environmental-related events.

This Is Your Stop to Be Aware of the Acute Environmental Problems and Risks within our Everyday Life

Why Do You Need this Guide?

Maybe one day, we, humans, will have the option to live in various environments from a variety of planets. Maybe one day we will be able to explore space and choose our destination and home planet. Maybe one day we will eliminate all toxic waste or adapt to live with it in perfect harmony. Maybe one day home pollution will be forgotten. Yet, until that day comes, all we have is the Earth! And the Earth is polluted. So, what can we do?

As Louis Pasteur once said: "Chance favors the prepared mind." So, our first step is GET AWARE.

We should read and inform ourselves about:

Once we answer such questions, we are prepared for the next step: ACT - which means one or more of the following:

Our Mission and Goals

Environmental Pollution Centers offers a complete guide to understanding and recognizing pollution. Our main page is a cornucopia of information regarding pollution centers, soil poisoning, food contamination, air and water pollutants, chemical intoxication and radiation contaminants.

Our pollution prevention guide offers important tips on how to prevent pollution and avoid polluting the environment, and also a series of guidelines for the people who suffer from diseases caused by exposure to various forms of pollution.

We are committed to working locally and regionally to create a system of environmental mentoring that would help us all obtain a more sustainable future.

Our mission is to inform users and foster partnerships that will help us decrease pollution and increase the safety of our communities.

Our goal is to help reduce the levels of local pollution and improve the well-being of the community.

Environmental Forensics Fundamentals
A Practical Guide

Over 400 pages of essential information in an easy-to-read practical guide to environmental forensics, a discipline that brings together Agatha Christie-style mysteries, scientific information, and environmental policies. This is a well-structured, cutting-edge investigation of contemporary environmental crimes and potential solutions from Ioana Petrisor, Ph.D., a biochemist specialized in environmental forensics, editor-in-chief of the leading journal in this field and a highly respected author, lecturer and litigation consultant.


Environmental Forensics

Ed. R.E. Hester, R.M. Harrison

A collection of authoritative insights into many areas of environmental forensics, with essential contributions provided by leading experts (with a chapter on perchlorate co-authored by Dr. Ioana Petrisor).

Environmental Forensics

Ed. Robert D. Morrison, Brian L. Murphy

A guide to the environmental forensics techniques appropriate for various types of contamination and contaminants. With a chapter on microbial forensics co-authored by Dr. Ioana Petrisor.

Introduction to Environmental Forensics

Ed. Brian L. Murphy, Robert D. Morrison

A must-have book for academics, scientists, consultants or anyone interested in environmental forensic research. With a chapter on emerging forensic techniques co-authored by Dr. Ioana Petrisor.