Chlorinated Solvents Pollution

Chlorinated solvents are chemical solvents that contain carbon tetrachloride, TCE, or any kind of chlorine. They are extremely useful for hundreds of industrial products, as they are very effective in dissolving organic grease and can be added to a number of chemical products.

Chemical Properties

Chlorine is a gas that can be converted into a liquid (mainly for transportation purposes). It is extremely useful in killing bacteria and in sanitation in general. Chlorinated solvents are organic compounds made up of a simple hydrocarbon chain to which at least one chlorine atom is covalently bonded. They are discharged into the environment as organic liquids.


While the use of various chlorinated solvents is being phased out in certain areas, they remain extremely common around the world in numerous industrial products, including:


Chlorinated solvents can enter the human body through either inhalation (as they are very volatile) or skin contact. Toxic effects of exposure to chlorinated solvents include: